National Sprint Competition Results 2014

  • Bashair: Winner 2014 Sprint for Unregistered Whippets/Lurchers

Below are the results from the 2014 sprint competition. Each breed, along with the unregistered categories are provided in pdf format. Each results has the placings, dog, owner, time, and Club that posted the results.

Results by Breed

German Shorthaired Pointer242.5 KiB383
Samoyed240.3 KiB424
Irish Terriers240.8 KiB424
Schnauzer Miniature238.2 KiB427
Greyhound Veteran238.4 KiB430
Kelpie242.2 KiB433
English Springer Spaniel242.5 KiB434
Kerry Blue Terrier240.4 KiB440
Border Collie239.5 KiB444
Dalmation240.1 KiB446
Doberman242.9 KiB450
Labrador238.5 KiB451
Unregistered Small Veteran247.2 KiB461
Pharaoh Hound241.1 KiB461
Chihuahua276.8 KiB465
Belgian Shepherd244.6 KiB466
Poodle Standard240.0 KiB468
Rottweiler241.1 KiB478
Schnauzer Giant237.7 KiB478
Saluki247.8 KiB479
Australian Cattle Dog238.8 KiB480
Jack Russell Terrier238.9 KiB482
Rhodesian Ridgeback249.1 KiB486
Whippet248.6 KiB491
Unregistered Large273.7 KiB494
Afghan242.3 KiB497
Poodle Miniature239.6 KiB497
Greyhound254.3 KiB498
Staffordshire Bull Terrier249.5 KiB506
Beagle256.1 KiB512
Italian Greyhounds241.0 KiB513
German Shepherd Dog241.2 KiB522
-Australian Rankings517.9 KiB529
Unregistered Small279.8 KiB541
Unregistered Whippet Lurcher248.0 KiB579
-ALCA Sprint Competition Overall Winners149.9 KiB739

Results by club

Queensland Placings 30 June 2014333.0 KiB361
Warwick Lure Coursing Club241.4 KiB410
Queensland Lure Coursing Assoc Sprint Combined Results270.8 KiB425
K9305.1 KiB506
Beagle Club Of Queensland280.4 KiB529
Western Australia Placings 30 June 2014390.6 KiB602
Lure Coursers Anon251.1 KiB634
West Coast Dog Sports Club291.5 KiB774

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