About the ALCA

The Australian Lure Coursing Association was established in 2013 to ensure a consistent approach to the sport of lure coursing across Australia.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Australian Lure Coursing Association Incorporated (IA41383) is to promote and administer the sport of Lure Coursing in Australia at a National Level.


  1. To encourage the participation of dogs in organised Lure Coursing events.
  2. To provide and maintain a national  unified set of rules, under which state Lure Coursing bodies conduct Lure Coursing events.
  3. To develop and maintain a code of ethics under which state bodies and participants participate in lure coursing events
  4. To develop and maintain a set of criteria under which lure coursing events in Australia are judged to be used by all member clubs.
  5. To promote the sport of Lure Coursing as a sport for all dogs.
  6. To develop a set of procedures and criteria under which new judges are trained and assessed.
  7. To cater for the demand of various groups and clubs to have and operate lure coursing events in an organised and professional manner.
  8. To develop a set of coursing plans and procedures for setting out suitable layouts of courses.
  9. To provide a platform for interstate Lure Coursing competitions.
  10. To develop and maintain a grading system to allow dogs to progress through grades and to obtain titles in Lure Coursing.